Ultrasonic Lipo Cavitation

If you have cellulite or stubborn fat that you can get rid of through traditional means and would like a non-surgical way to lose it, Dr. James Sylvia of Berkeley Body Sculpting in Goldsboro, NC can help.

How Does Ultrasonic Lipo Cavitation Work?

Ultrasonic lipo cavitation is a non-surgical method that utilizes ultrasound technology to apply pressure to fat cells. The pressure turns that fat into liquid, which then goes to the liver and gets excreted as waste. It helps to reduce cellulite and excess fat while contouring areas of the body.

Ultrasonic lipo cavitation can be an effective method for weight loss, especially around the arms, abs, thighs, hips, face, neck, and back. However, it is best used in conjunction with other fat reduction methods, including diet and exercise.

It is also important to note that ultrasonic lipo cavitation is not an end-all solution. In order to keep the fat off, you’ll need to continue exercising and watching your diet after the procedure.

How Long Does the Process Take?

Sessions typically last between 40 minutes and an hour, and most people need one to three sessions over a two-week period. However, this depends on the individual. Dr. Sylvia will develop a treatment plan that lays out the number of sessions you need and how long each session will take according to your specific needs.

Benefits of Ultrasonic Lipo Cavitation

Fat reduction isn’t the only benefit the procedure provides patients in and around Goldsboro, NC. It’s non-invasive and does not use anesthesia. Therefore, it produces no scarring and requires very little if any downtime. The procedure takes little time, so you can schedule it during your lunch break. And the results are gradual, so no one will know you’ve had the procedure done unless you choose to tell them.

Side Effects

Ultrasonic fat reduction doesn’t come with many side effects. The most common ones include feeling pain and developing bruises in the area of treatment. The skin may also be loosened, dimpled, or develop waves.

While it’s generally safe, there are some individuals who should not partake in it, such as those who have trouble clotting, are diabetic, suffer from osteoporosis, are pregnant or breastfeeding, and have some other medical conditions. During a consultation, Dr. Sylvia will determine if you are a good candidate.

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