Our Story

Why go to berkeley body sculpting?

We are like YOU!  We want to make your place a better space! 

We started Berkeley Body Sculpting Goldsboro NC to bring the most advanced technology to your front door and make it affordable to all.  Even if we took 30 to 40 minutes a month to feel pampered while reducing the daily stressors that show on our face and body, we would feel beautiful!  We hope that you feel that a change in your body and a change in your mind will keep you feeling ahead of the game, with the satisfaction and joy to last a life time!  We are real people, and so are you!  Live and practice the best you can, with who you are and what you’ve got.  We hope that in some small way we can make you look and feel your best – with all the confidence in the world – to meet your appointed journeys in this life! 

Our Staff

Kathy Martinez

Kathy Martinez is the Director of Operations for Sylvia Chiropractic Center, Berkeley Chiropractic Center, and Berkeley Body Sculpting. She has worked for Dr. Sylvia since 1998 and loves what she does. Mrs. Kathy offers support to the entire staff and oversees the inner workings of Dr. Sylvia’s three businesses. Outside of work, she loves to spend time with her wonderful husband, children, and grandchildren.


Summer is a licensed esthetician. She graduated from the Institute of Advanced Medical Esthetics in 2015 and has worked in the med spa field since graduating. Summer loves her career and taking care of the needs of her clients.


Jessica is a native of Eastern North Carolina and has been a licensed esthetician for four years. She has been trained to do lipo-cavitation and contouring for Berkeley Body Sculpting. Jessica is committed to providing the highest quality care for her clients. She will assist throughout the body sculpting process to achieve exceptional and satisfactory results.
Change of Body, Change of Mind. Live it, feel it, embrace it; because